At the Finish Line!

At the Finish Line!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Today was a good biking day in spite of impending rain. I left the girls behind in the wilds of Jamaica Plain and went off on my morning quest to make it to the Institute in good time and in one piece. Success! I am here although a bit weary about saying it out loud. But not too shabby, my friends.

Now for a bit of my ponderings....Front tire a bit low and not a pump in site. I knew there was one in the bike cage when I got to work, so the bumpy ride home will be a bit better. You get this body bouncing and you are just not sure what can happen.

I have a criticism to make... I am pretty sure it is a requirement in Massachusetts that in order to pass inspection and be able to legally drive your car, all automobiles must have functioning turn signals! So I can only imagine that the dysfunction is due to driver error, driver dink-dom, driver laziness, or as many drivers from out of state have commented: Massachusetts drivers do not want to commit to where they are going because maybe someone behind them won’t let them go.
That being said, as a bike rider, it’s a good idea to know where the cars around you are going. It’s a basic courtesy, actually. Why, I ask myself, isn’t everyone on a blue tooth instead of a hand held cell phone? I mean come on, share the road, use your ding dang DIRECTIONAL! Please!

As a driver I myself have said “why did that biker cut in front of me!” and then I berate myself because I am one of those drivers as well as one of those pesky bicyclists. I guess it takes all kinds and I really hope we can all get along.
So all that being said today, 192 miles is looking more and more like a piece of cake! Bring it on!

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